In brief: Anine Ahlsand, Junior World Champion Middle 2015 (NOR)

Anine Ahlsand born 25 September 1996, lives in Trondheim and is a club member of Nydalens. She won her very first gold medal at JWOC 2015 in the middle distance.

Are you happy with your winter training?
Both yes and no. I have been sick for almost two months, but the trainings before and afterwards have been good.

What do you prefer: winning a gold medal once or the bronze medal twice at JWOC 2016?
Gold once.

What do you know about Switzerland?
The Alps, the beautiful nature and the delicious chocolate.

In five years I’m …
24 and hopefully happy with whatever I'm doing.

What I also would like to mention:
I can't wait to run in Switzerland and eat delicious chocolate!

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