Karoliina Ukskoski, Bronze Medallist JWOC 2015 Sprint (FIN)

Karoliina Ukskoski born on 27 August 1996 lives in Perho and is a club member of Perhon Kiri and won a bronze medal at JWOC 2015 in the sprint.


Are you happy with your winter training?
Yes, I have stayed healthy which is good. I also competed in cross-country skiing, so I have skied a lot and I did some table-O („armchair-O“?).

What do you prefer: winning a gold medal once or the bronze medal twice at JWOC 2016?
Gold once.

What do you know about Switzerland?
Very beautiful nature.

What does Simone Niggli, the Director of the Organising committee, mean to you personally?
Of course I remember her! She is a great athlete who had an awesome career.

What I also would like to mention…
Let's enjoy the upcoming summer! And if you have a dream that you love, fight for it and never give up pursuing it.

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