High-altitude Long Distance in Val Müstair, 11 July 2016

The air is not only thin at the top of the favourite athletes’ lists. Anyone who wants to succeed racing on 2200 m altitude has to always utilize and optimize his/her own energies accordingly and not be distracted by the magnificent mountain world.

A very challenging, hilly area and some steep slopes as well as areas with lots of detailed contours will be testing the athletes in Val Müstair. Semi-open pine forests vary with open areas. The ground in the forests is quite rough with grassy sections and rocky parts.


The favourites in the long distance are also the silver medal winner from last year, Simon Hector (Sweden, 19), together with the defending champion Olli Ojanaho (Finland, 19). Anna Haataja (Finland, 20) also won the silver medal in 2015. Beside this many other Scandinavien juniors the predominant Swiss Simone Aebersold (18) tries to confirm her Sprint success from the opening race.


In summer, the weather in the Swiss mountains can vary a lot and at fast speed. At the altitude of Val Müstair, temperatures in July fluctuate from +4°C to +20°C. Weather changes occur fast in the mountains. Showers will be expected during the afternoon.

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