Then and now - Anna Pärsson (SWE; Winner of the women’s middle distance)

What is your strongest memory of the World Junior Championships 2005 in Switzerland?
My strongest memory is that I wasn’t really able to realise what had happened. I thought it was rather strange that it was me who had just won the middle distance.
How would you describe the atmosphere in the finish area at JWOC in Switzerland?
The atmosphere was like in a fairy tale. The sun was shining and the air was fresh and clean, because there had been a thunderstorm the previous day. The finish area was situated on a plateau with a magnificent view over the valley. There were people and cameras everywhere.
What did you like best with JWOC in Switzerland?
The terrain, no doubt! I adore the Alps. But I also remember that I was impressed by the whole event, which was organised very professionally.
Looking back, what do you think your title meant for your future career?
I am not sure if it really meant so much for my future career, to be honest.  However, it did give me an understanding for the priceless feeling that athletes experience when standing on top of the podium hearing the national anthem.
What piece of advice would you give the runners in this year’s JWOC?
I think it is difficult to give a piece advice that works for everyone, as we are all different individuals. What works for me might be completely wrong for someone else. For me it is a lot about getting into that “perfect flow” when it counts the most.  

About "Then and now..."

Considering the fact that this year’s Junior World Orienteering Championships are taking place in Switzerland, it might be interesting to think back to when they were held in Switzerland last time. We have asked the winners of the individual distances at JWOC 2005 in Ticino to share some of their memories and their thoughts about JWOC with us.

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