Then and now - Fabian Hertner (SUI; Winner of the men’s middle distance at JWOC 2005)

About "Then and now..."

Considering the fact that this year’s Junior World Orienteering Championships are taking place in Switzerland, it might be interesting to think back to when they were held in Switzerland last time. We have asked the winners of the individual distances at JWOC 2005 in Ticino to share some of their memories and their thoughts about JWOC with us.

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How would you describe the atmosphere in the finish area at JWOC in Switzerland?
For me it was the first time competing in a competition with that many spectators. Passing the arena and running into the finish was very special and emotional with all your friends cheering for you.

Do you have any fun anecdote from JWOC you could tell us?
We produced “Panini-Stickers” of all team members to share with our fans. It was not seldom that people found those stickers everywhere, like on melons at the supermarket or at the train station or wherever. I’m still wondering how they came there…

Looking back, what do you think your title meant for your future career?
For me it was very important concerning my sport career. I always find the biggest amount of motivation for all the training in my competitions and results. It gave me the confirmation that I can be at the very top if I keep working on my skills.

How are you going to follow the competitions this year?
I’m one of the course setters and therefore I will get the chance to follow the competitions from the organisers’ point of view.

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